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Rapid Charging Systems USA

Introducing Evolve Rapid Charging Systems

The future is electric.

Meet the EV charging stations that will help get us there.

North America’s love affair with the automobile turns electric.

Vehicle manufacturers are gearing up for
massive public demand.

By 2030:



EVs in the USA



EVs in California



EVs in Canada

Millions of electric vehicles are already on the road. Demand for public EV charging stations is exploding.

Public Charging Stations
Total currently availableTotal required by 2030 (est.)
USA24,800 (4,000 DC Fast)9.6 million
California6,835 (1,300 DC Fast)2.4 million
Canada4,993 (1,850 DC Fast)2.8 million

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Efacec HV350 G2 Ultra-Fast Charger

Turn pavement
into profit

Introducing EVOLVE Rapid Charging Systems.

Turn Key Solutions

EVOLVE is the answer for ultra-fast public access charge ports right on your property.

Ahead of the Curve

Early adopters, line up. First movers get the advantage. The time to act is now.

Sustainable Revenue

EVOLVE Rapid Charging Systems build a whole new sustainable revenue stream for your business.

To the future. Fast.

A dozen good reasons to get on board now.

  1. Your stakeholders win. Your business benefits with enhanced brand perception: providing a high-value service and contributing to the green economy.
  2. Your customers win. There’s no waiting around to have their EV charged. They play in your casino, shop in your mall, or attend an event in your stadium. Everything is linked to their phones – with concierge service another option. When they’re done, their vehicle is charged and waiting.
  3. The environment wins. Limiting emissions from fossil fuel internal combustion engines.
  4. First mover advantage. Act now and get ahead of the ultra-fast charging game.
  5. Attract new customers and build new revenue streams.
  6. White label options extend your brand with a high-profile, high-value service proposition for customers.
  7. Build customer loyalty and brand equity with discounts, points and other special offers.
  8. Be part of the solution. Demonstrate your commitment to protecting and preserving the environment and
    be a player in the new green economy.
  9. Selling carbon credits can be a new source of ongoing revenue.
  10. Gain customer insight through valuable data collection.
  11. Tap into government support programs for green energy initiatives.
  12. Service and security contracts include on-site maintenance, support and tech upgrades.
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The need for speed.

Smart, ultra-fast, super-efficient public charging stations are the wave of the future.

EVOLVE has arrived just in time, introducing the world’s next generation of high-powered e-mobility solutions.

With EVOLVE you get it all: speed, reliability, durability, scalability and high performance. More compact, competitive and customizable. More design, more control, more power, more versatility and flexibility, dynamic management, reduced charging times and simplified maintenance.


Why electric charging?

The Boston Consulting Group predicts that by 2030 more drivers will be buying electric vehicles than gas. As more people switch to EVs, the question becomes “where can I park and charge?” Clearly, locations that offer rapid reliable charging — including places like casinos, shopping centres and restaurants — are the places drivers will make sure to visit every day.

Be one of the first to provide dependable charging stations for people in your area, and watch your traffic — and your business — grow.

What is a fast DC charger?

Charging stations like EVOLVE pull AC power from the electrical grid and convert it into DC power for the EV battery.The conversion from AC (from the grid) to DC happens within the charging station itself, using a large converter, allowing DC power to flow directly from the station and into the battery. As a result, some DC stations can provide up to 350 kW of power and fully charge an EV in 15 minutes.

What does it cost to charge an EV?

In California, the average cost of charging an EV on a DC Fast Charger is around 40 cents per kWh. Low range EV batteries are typically 40kw, so 40 kw x .40 = $16.00.  High range batteries like Porsche can store as much as 460 kw, so 460 kw x .40 = $138.00.

Charging station providers set their own charging fees, based on location, market demand and competition in the area.

What is the business case?

No question, the EV landscape is changing rapidly, providing new insights into how your business can capitalize on this transportation shift. It won’t be long and drivers will be looking to charge their EVs everywhere they park. 

When you introduce EVOLVE charging stations to your location, you turn pavement into profit.

  1. Very soon, your customers will expect you to have EV charging stations available. If you don’t, you can lose money – even base revenue — if they end up going somewhere else. You also lose the opportunity to attract new customers who drive EVs. You can either be on the leading edge or risk losing out where there’s good money to be made.
  2. Big savings can be youirs if you act now.  As the world moves quickly towards sustainable transportation, governments are opening deep pools of funding through such things as utility rebates and tax credits. These broad-based incentives can help pay for your EVOLVE charging stations and other infrastructure to significantly reduce the cost of getting your site ready.
  3. There’s new money to be made here. As a high-value extension of your brand, EV charging can draw in new customers and new business.  You’re effectively turning your parkade into a fueling station – and the profits are all yours.

How many units will you need?

To accommodate EV drivers of the future, experts say the ideal ratio is one public EV charging station for every four EVs on the road. That’s a lot of charging stations. Currently, there aren’t enough EV charging stations for the growing number of EV drivers. In the US, the gap now stands at about 300,000 charging stations, and is expected to grow to 1.3 million in a few short years.

Companies that have a plan for electric vehicles are going to benefit from the rapid and exponential ramp up of EV sales in this country. Looking at your future revenue potential, how many charging units will you need? EVOLVE consultants can provide guidance on the ideal number of charging stations for your site, based on your location and your business model. But let’s say you have a parking lot of 100 spaces. It’s not unreasonable to consider 10% as your target for EV charging stalls.  Over time you’ll figure out exactly what your facility needs and determine how best to build that out over time. 

There’s a real urgency to get started. If you wait even until next year to think about how you’re going to do this, you’ll still be figuring out where to put your first station while your competition is looking into rapid expansion. Waiting is not the answer. Our consultants are happy to work with you to determine the best way forward for your commercial operation.

What about maintenance?

Electric cars, despite their advanced technology, are fairly simple to maintain.  The same is true for our fleet of EVOLVE rapid charging stations. Because these are smart online units, diagnostics and repair can be performed remotely in most cases. And because they feature modular design, all parts and mechanical replacements are made super easy, should they be necessary.